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About the Group

APS EVOLUTION represents a Group of Companies that aims to actively participate to manage the complexity of energy sources. It is a private Company guided by a team of Managers and Professionals who, through their skills and experience, contribute to achieve the most challenging results.

APS EVOLUTION coordinates “APS Designing Energy” (in brief APS) located in Italy, and KTI Poland” (in brief KTI) located in Poland.

Both Organizations are independent in the own National markets and are integrated in the International market, sharing strategies and opportunities.

Both Organizations are strongly specialized in traditional processes of transformations, by designing, revamping and realizing Refineries, Gas Treatment, Compression and Storage stations and Petrochemical complexes.

Both Organizations are qualified in new Green processes solutions aimed to convert main feedstocks in Biofuel or Bioplastics made from vegetables or recycled raw materials.

Participate to manage complexity of energy sources.

We love to solve problems by generating something useful and improved. We work for achieving benefits from mutual exchanges between traditional energies of Oil& Gas and Petrochemical and innovative energies of Green and Bio Processes.

How is our experience interlinked?
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Value interdependency for proposing efficient solutions.

An approach interdependent on different scales: between companies of the same group, between areas of the same company and between people of the same area. We work for the best solution by giving values to all resources used and by seeking, case by case, the best balance between autonomy and coordination to promote good ideas.

        Same approach, same Business.

Discover our Organizational Model.

Focus on clarity in our working environment.

We live and work better in a mutual understanding by listening without prejudices, and by asking and giving trust to all stakeholders. We work for promoting reciprocal transparency and responsibility.

      People who represent us.
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