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Winning opportunity for APS continuing growth: “The new competencies fund”

The “new competencies” fund (Fondo nuove competenze) is the measure introduced by Italian Government. This fund was created with the aim to overcome the economic challenges due to the COVID-19 emergency and to allow companies to update their employees competencies by dedicating a part of their work hours for training.
APS was one of the first companies in Italy that successfully took advantage of this opportunity and concluded this extraordinary professional training, despite of all the bureaucratic difficulties.
All the Managers involved participated in this project with a lot of enthusiasm, gained the valuable skills and also became stronger as a team. Today’s business environment is all about constant change and we strongly believe that the development of our employees competencies determines the successful execution of our Business goals.
To know more about this experience, you are invited to read the interview with our HR Manager Marco Lorenzin, published on the website of Manager Italia (in Italian language):

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