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Campus Bio-Medico University and APS for Experimental Didactic Project

APS has participated in the Campus Bio-Medico University “Experimental Didactic Project”.

This innovative way of teaching called “Learning by doing” is active in several Italian Universities.
The aim of the project was to recreate the work environment and operative modes of an Engineering Company within the University. APS was very pleased to take part in this initiative as it strongly believes in investing in young talents.
The topic of the chosen project was the design of denatured alcohol production plant. Professor Barba, teacher of “Chemical Plants Design”, developed the theoretical part for plant design and Mrs. Stefania Longobardi, Head of Process & Technologies Department of APS, assumed the position of Technical Director, who guided all the phases of the project. Furthermore, she provided the students with all the working material required for project implementation, following the same forms, standards, design modes and procedures used in APS.
At the end of the course, the final project conference took place on May 24, 2017 in Rome, at Bio Medical Campus University, with participation of Mr. Giulio Iannello (Headmaster of Engineering Course at UCBM) and Mr. A. Quadrato, CEO of APS. Each student group presented their work and the Final Process Report highlighted their diligence dedicated for the project.
For APS this experience was an innovative way to collaborate with a university and future engineers giving them the possibility to prove their engineering skills by facing realistic problems.
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