Business Ethics

APS aims at maintaining and developing a trust relationship with each category of individual, group, or institution whose relationship is required to realize its corporate mission as well as in relation to those who make investments related to the Company’s activities, characterizing their relationships on the basis of principles of impartiality, honesty, fairness and confidentiality, while safeguarding stakeholders, employees and the community.

The Code of Ethics, therefore, represents the instrument by which the Company interacts with all those it comes into contact with in terms of rights, duties and responsibilities.

This document is based on an ideal cooperation between all those subjects who interact with the Company for various reasons, respecting the role of each person, in view of the goal of pursuing their mission and of their social object.

Read our Code of Ethics (IT)

APS has adopted its own “Organization, Management and Control Model” – Model 231, pursuant to the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001

Read APS Model 231 General Part  (IT)
Read APS Model 231 Special Part (IT)

Health & Safety

APS complies with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations and ensures that these standards are known and well understood by all personnel within the business units.

Our company has always promoted prevention, health and well-being of people at work.

For us prevention is not only the use of sanitary surveillance for early detection of occupational diseases, but it is also taking appropriate steps to eliminate risk factors. Furthermore, health promotion includes the participation of employees in the implementation of jointly agreed initiatives and the use of safe work practices.

Our project approach and documented procedures fully integrate HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) program into every aspect of the project.

Environmental Protection

APS is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees and at the same time protecting the environment in which we conduct our activities. We pursue continuous improvement in the environmental performance of our business by establishing goals, programs and procedures that govern our business.


In order to ensure that the customer’s quality requirements are met, the company implements a program of activities aimed at securing the necessary resources and defining the aspects to be monitored to follow the correct development of performance.

This method is effective mainly because it ensures customer satisfaction and continuous cooperation. There are also other secondary benefits: market expansion, satisfaction of internal expectations and continuous improvement of the company.

For all these reasons, APS has adopted a quality management system for both the project and the internal activities, thus ensuring the congruence between the characteristics of the service/product provided and the requirements of the Customer. 

Read our Policy of Integrated Management System (IT) (EN)

International Certifications

  • Health, Safety and Environment: ISO 45001:2018; ISO 14001:2015
  • Quality: ISO 9001:2015

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