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Business Ethics

APS aims at maintaining and developing a trust relationship with each category of individual, group, or institution whose relationship is required to realize its corporate mission as well as in relation to those who make investments related to the Company’s activities, characterizing their relationships on the basis of principles of impartiality, honesty, fairness and confidentiality, while safeguarding stakeholders, employees and the community.

The Code of Ethics, therefore, represents the instrument by which the Company interacts with all those it comes into contact with in terms of rights, duties and responsibilities.

This document is based on an ideal cooperation between all those subjects who interact with the Company for various reasons, respecting the role of each person, in view of the goal of pursuing their mission and of their social object.

Read our Code of Ethics (EN) (IT)

APS has adopted its own “Organization, Management and Control Model” – Model 231, pursuant to the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001

Read APS Model 231 General Part  (IT) – Special Part (IT)

    In compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Model 231, APS has equipped itself with an IT platform that enables the submission of reports, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the identity of the Reporting Party and the Person Involved as well as the content of the Report and the related documentation.
    To make a Report through the dedicated platform CLICK HERE
  • Read APS Whistleblowing Procedure (IT)


Policy of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety

APS considers the dissemination of the Quality Culture, Environmental Protection, and a Sustainability-oriented business model as a priority.

All company decisions are based on respect for human rights, with particular attention to the future needs of new generations, in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

To this end, the adoption of the Integrated Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety Management System is considered fundamental, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, and UNI ISO 45001:2023 standards, respectively.

The certifications obtained over the years demonstrate APS’s commitment to seeking the quality of services offered and optimizing all company processes.

The goal is to achieve valid results in terms of quality, environmental performance, and occupational safety through efficient management and adequate skills to provide reliability assurance to all our stakeholders.

APS is committed to using the results of performance evaluation and analysis to implement continuous improvement actions within the Integrated Management System, in compliance with current legislation and regulations, as well as any agreements signed with external organizations.

This policy, together with the Code of Ethics, Model 231, and corporate values, guides our choices and constitutes a solid and declared commitment of the organization and its people on important and sensitive issues, with the aim of promoting corporate sustainability and a culture of continuous improvement.

Read our Policy of Integrated Management System(EN) (IT) 

International Certifications​


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment: ISO 9001:2015; ISO 45001:2023; ISO 14001:2015

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