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Green Process

During the last years, the concept of sustainability has become a key point. 

Green processes allow to reduce the environmental impacts by rethinking traditional processes and by focusing on a constant and continuous improvement on each energy source.

In this scenario we are committed to supporting all our stakeholders in the way towards more sustainable and innovative energy design solutions.

From 2012, we are focusing on innovating solutions for bio-polymers productions plants and biorefineries starting from recycled materials, from agricultural waste and from vegetables raw materials (not in competition with agricultural and food supply chain) as a replacement of traditional fuel feedstocks.

In particular, we participated in the world’s first bio-refinery converted from a traditional refinery project, launched by Eni in 2014.

Our expertise is mainly in:

  • Green Diesel and Naphta production from Palm Oil and second-generation raw materials
  • Chemical biocomponent from vegetable oil and biomass
  • Hydro refining process
  • Biomethane from biogas
Plastic Recycling
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