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Celebrating maturity: 18th Anniversary of APS

Trough 18 years of international experience APS has proved its efficiency becoming one of the leaders in global business engineering. Our Company marked this special occasion by rebranding its corporate identity and making shorter its name.
The new APS brand incorporates the previous brand’s elements and adds the quality of being contemporary.

Our logo – a rotated diamond – is a visual expression of the dynamism and the projection towards the future. The payoff “Designing Energy” summarizes the creative vocation of the brand.
Moreover, starting from June 17, 2015 APS Engineering Company Roma S.p.A was renamed to APS S.p.A.
The new positioning and the new profile reflects the business growth with more than 500 successfully completed projects at Italian and International level. Our new corporate identity contributes to a better understanding of our past and our future and it aims to represent the benefits that engineering activities bring into everyday life.
Our maturity opens a new page, a new story made of passion and people who have a strong determination to succeed. We have the ambition to go beyond the projects in order to bring benefits to people and communities.


Visit our youtube channel and watch the presentation of the new APS logo

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