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The Italian solution for the Green Refinery

In the last years “being green” has influenced also the oil&gas sector. APS was called by ENI S.p.A to collaborate on an innovative project: Venice’s biorefinery. It involves the conversion of the existing refining scheme into a “green cycle” to process very high-quality biofuels starting from biological feedstocks.
The Green Refinery project is encouraged by the European biofuels scenario, which is strongly related to the severe European Union environmental normative aimed at reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
APS was in charge of feasibility study and advanced BED including some parts of Detailed engineering.
In June 2014, the start up of the bio-refinery of Porto Marghera was achieved with green diesel capacity of approximately 300 ktonnes/y. The green diesel is produced from refined vegetable oil utilizing the proprietary EcofiningTM technology.
Thanks to the bio, the site of Venice will have a new future, economically viable in the long term, characterized by a significant reduction of the emission. The production of bio-fuels will grow steadily in the face of the commissioning of new plant which will be completed by the end of 2015.

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